FUJIYAMA ICHIBAN ULTIMATE is New wave Tokusatsu (Japanese VFX) hero blended Hollywood sensibilities. Support a New type of action hero born in internet!



"Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate" is a Japanese VFX "Tokusatsu" Hero. Fujiyama Ichiban was released as a web series on YouTube with a Y-7 rating in 2015. Creator Michi Yamato, who has worked on various Tokusatsu series such as Super Sentai and Big Bad Beetleborgs, developing a Tokusatsu action feature film that adults could enjoy. And that brings us to where we our today!



The Ichiban team is fully formed with Sun as Fujiyama Ichiban, Sakura as Sakura Ichiban, and Eric as Ninja Ichiban. They fight Dark Matter, a group of mysterious villains who want to destroy Earth. While the team fights these Dark Monsters, they are also looking for a way to rescue Sun's father, who was kidnapped by Dark Matter. Unbeknownst to Sun, his father is actually working with Dark Matter, creating a powerful new enemy: Dark Ichiban. Sun's father is also working on another dangerous weapon: a doomsday device that has the potential to destroy the Earth. Sun, Sakura, and Eric need to stop Dark Ichiban before Armageddon is unleashed.Why did Sun's father create Dark Ichiban? How will the Ichiban warriors stop Dark Matter? And what is Fujiyama Ichiban Ultimate?





Production:Samurai Action Studio




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