Fujiyama Ichiban was born in Los Angeles in 2014 as a hero project who protects the green earth. It gained popularity as a drama distribution on You tube and a live stage show in Los Angeles. After that, this project proceeded with the development of digital characters, and from 2022, it will continue to challenge during Metaverse era.



Samurai warriors wearing special armor that stands up to protect the earth from the invaders Dark Matter. However, the invaders try to capture not only the present world but also the world of the Metaverse. This is where the battle between humanity and the invaders of another world begins.



Michi Yamato Born in Tokyo, Japan. Active in the stunt team of Kamen Rider and Original Power Rangers. Meanwhile, he moved to Hollywood after working as a designer and editor for a Japanese VFX "Tokusatsu" anime magazine. He learned CG technology while being in charge of the action director of the US version of Kamen Rider. He will start the digital samurai project "Fujiyama Ichiban" from 2022.



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